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Nice wig, Janice! What’s it made of?

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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

This week has been mad busy, with reorganizing, working and so many birthdays. Which of course means, we’ve been stuffing ourselves with CAKE.

This is what Mars has been up to, apart from eating cake:

  • I got this sms from Marple in the beginning of the week, so it’s safe to say that we have both taken our Zachary Quinto obsession to an exciting new level. A level involving Tori Spelling.

  • Damn you, Pop Cap Games! You have ensnared me yet again, this time with the game Plants vs. Zombies
  • Oh Russia. You have such amazing pop stars.

Marple has realised two things this week. The first is that she only likes cake in theory and the second is that the internet is full of amazing and brilliant things. Okay, so she probably knew at least one of these things before now, but here’s a few reasons why the latter is true:

  • Tumblr! I’ve only been tumblr-lurking up until now, but I went and got myself an account. Find me here.
  • Yes, omg! A collection of semi-trashy gothic book covers! On a suitingly black/red layout that’s like a classier, grown up version of goth poetry webpages on Geocities and Angelfire from the late nineties-early noughties.
  • Combining the awesomeness of William Shatner & Tumbler: Fuck Yeah! William Shatner!
  • In the style of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, here’s Gone with the Wind with Vampires:
  • Last but not least, Top 100 Cheesiest Film Quotes. To the surprise of no one half of them are spoken by Nicholas Cage and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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A Tribute to Zachary Quinto’s Eyebrows

I think that I shall never see
Eyebrows lovelier than those on Zachary.

Who can win any debate with just one brow raise,
Changing his opponents arguments into praise.

Though many men have brows that are almost as fine,
Like Mr. Kapranos, Mr.Colbert and even Mr.Pine

No matter how bushy or furrowed, none can compete
With the eyebrows that put our Zach in the elite.

Whether he is plain Quinto, Spock or the evil Sylar,
He is always the man with the eyebrows that take the cigar.

I Love You, Z.

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