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Cranky Cat vs. Dicks on TV

Cranky Cat is Marple’s cat and she thinks that most things are stupid. She glared at us untill we let her have her own post, where she glares and rolls her eyes at things that she finds exceptionally stupid. The nice thing about cranky cat is that she doesn’t have to go into details to justify why she’s pissed off, because she’s just a cat on the internet.

Cranky Cat rolls her eyes at the self-pitying men who made the Dodge commercial that aired during the Superbowl, although it has a brilliant reply.

Cranky Cat also lets out an exasperated sigh because of Manswers.

What is going on? How do commercials like the one for Dodge get on the air? Who let that one go through without saying “Hey wait a minute, maybe this will alienate and condescend AN ENTIRE GENDER”. There cannot be an entire chain of command consisting only of men, there must have been some women involved in this decision. Maybe the didn’t find it offensive, maybe they did but realized that the ad would gather a lot of steam off of angry women of teh internets. Is that ok? Is it a betrayal? I don’t know, mainly because I’m one of the angry women cats.

There are just too many dicks on TV (and sometimes, on the dancefloor).

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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

Welcome to Sunday, day of rest, greasy food and couch overdosing.
Because no Sunday is complete without at least some lazy internet time we’ve decided to each compile a list of what we’ve been up to, internet wise, this week.

This is Mars‘ picks of the week:

  • Mocking stereotypes via illustrations at Your Scene Sucks . My fave is the Myspace whore.
  • Rolling my eyes at girls like this one for giving the rest of us a bad name
  • Watching this clip of cats getting wastey face on mute with this song playing in the backround
  • And frantic Bejewled Blitzing, via Facebook and iPhone.

    And as for Marple, here’s what she’s been up to:

  • Obsessively collecting Lady Gaga gifs. Like this one:
  • Obsessing a little bit too much over Zachary Quinto. Either by catching up on Heroes, which I dismissed somewhere around season 2 as an absolute shitshow of a television series, but now only watch for purely superficial reasons (link contains spoilers for the 4×13 and 4×14 episodes as well as a bunch of gifs that may explode your ovaries). Or by stalking the Walking Posts over at ONTD_StarTrek and being equally as enthralled by the eyebrows as I am horrified by the man’s dress sense.
  • Watching every cute animal clip on youtube ever. I especially like the Surprised Kitty and the Slow Loris clips. (And subsequently wondering if there is any correlation between estrogen and liking adorable animals.)
  • Watching the video for Julian Casablancas’ 11th Dimension and realising, yes, I’d still tap that.
  • Being blown away by Miranda July’s  Reading List on Viceland.com.
  • But mostly I’ve been fiddling about with the settings and things on this blog. As well as checking Facebook way to often.

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