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I’ve been really late on this whole Twitter thing. It’s a wonder that it still exists, I was expecting it to die out as soon as I realized what it was and how to use it. Thankfully, it hasn’t and I still have time to not only get into it, but blog about it too.

My first exposure to Twitter was a Penny Arcade comic:

Needless to say, I wasn’t really motivated to delve further into the Twitterverse. Then it got biiiiiiig, but I was still reluctant. Because, well, I am a very lazy lady. But when Marple and I started this thing, we decided to get an account. Jezebel regularly do a sort of Best of Twitter post, which I have always enjoyed, but with an account of my own, I decided to make the most of it. And so I dove into the Twitterpool. And I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

I have already mentioned that one of the things that Twitter has contributed to my life is updating me on what’s going on in the world, some tweets are just straight up newspaper headlines. There has been so much tweeting recently about Haiti, and how to donate and what you can do to help. It might seem shallow at a glance, but I’m sure that it’s done some good (there’s probably a way to check that, but again, I am a lazy lady, and I think you get the point). Yesterday, the iPad was released and the twittering about that was just crazy. Almost everybody was either praising it, wanting it or calling it a female hygiene product. I think the childish puns are my favorite part.

We all know that it’s a great way for celebrities to connect with their fans, and blah blah blah. There are two types of celebrity twitterers that I love:

1. The funny, observational and at times mean twitterer:

2. The batshit crazy twitterer

    Oh, they amuse me. I don’t find anything malicious in mocking them because they put this out there themselves, it’s not a candid cameltoe paparazzi picture, this is voluntary. I must say, I am a bit disappointed by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. I find them so deliciously awful (although I totally respect their upfront famewhoring attitude), and their tweets are so very blah. Shame. They are just going to have to work harder if they want me to follow them.

    All in all, I just wanted to let the world know that I am cool with Twitter. So tweet away, my pretties, I’ll see you in the news feed.

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Mid-Week Pun

From Penny Arcade’s Best Punchlines of 2009

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