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Girls on Film: Bill Hader Remix

Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” with new lyrics à la Bill Hader.

http://community.livejournal.com/hader_aid/5692.html?thread=68668#t68668" target="_blank">ecctv

See him walking across the stage Saturdays around midnight

People clapping, and they’re laughing so loud

When he’s in a sketch he does his best and always leaves us wanting more (wanting more)

And at the end of every show we beg and scream for him to follow us hooooooome

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

All the characters you play really do it for me

Your impersonations always drive me wild

Whether it’s a talk show host, Keith Morrison or Vinny V (Vinny V),

Or half of the same sex couple that hail from New Jerseeeey!

Bill Ha-der! (You know that I need ya) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I just wanna squeeze ya) Bill Ha-der!

I watch every movie that you’re in just to see you

No matter how big or small the role

Just to hear your name makes my cheeks flush red and my common sense goes out the door (out the door)

In a daze I freeze the frame and sit and watch you all night looooooong

Bill Ha-der! (I love Greg the Alien) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Watch Star Wars together) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (You make South Park better) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Call me when you see this) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I swear I’m not dangerous) Bill Ha-der!

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Take my picture Hollywood. I wanna be a STAR!

So, I watched the Grammys last night, as you can probably tell from all the spamming I did in our Twitterfeed, and I was struck by two things.

One, I am apparently shockingly out of touch with pop culture (which, y’know, is a bit of a disadvantage when you blog about it, but I think I’m going choose to think of it as being selective). I don’t have MTV and I don’t listen to the radio. EVER. I mean, I was aware of a lot of people there, but only in an abstract manner. Like for instance, I know that The Jonas Brothers are popular with tweens and that they have promise rings, but I couldn’t pick them out of a line up or tell you what songs they’ve made. I’m perfectly fine with not knowing this, but still. What I’m really confused about is who the hell this Kesha person is, and why does she look drunk all the time?

I probably don’t want to know that either, to be honest. But I think this is a perfectly good example of how modern media in general and the internet in particular allows us to pick and choose more freely what television and music we want to consume. Mars wrote something similar earlier on the subject of news, but I think the same can be applied to television and music as well.

Although I must admit, the whole reason for this entry was Lady Gaga’s performance. Seriously you guys. Holy shit. I have so much to say about this, but I don’t think I have the words, so just watch it.

Okay, so maybe I have one word. EPIC.

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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

Welcome to Sunday, day of rest, greasy food and couch overdosing.
Because no Sunday is complete without at least some lazy internet time we’ve decided to each compile a list of what we’ve been up to, internet wise, this week.

This is Mars‘ picks of the week:

  • Mocking stereotypes via illustrations at Your Scene Sucks . My fave is the Myspace whore.
  • Rolling my eyes at girls like this one for giving the rest of us a bad name
  • Watching this clip of cats getting wastey face on mute with this song playing in the backround
  • And frantic Bejewled Blitzing, via Facebook and iPhone.

    And as for Marple, here’s what she’s been up to:

  • Obsessively collecting Lady Gaga gifs. Like this one:
  • Obsessing a little bit too much over Zachary Quinto. Either by catching up on Heroes, which I dismissed somewhere around season 2 as an absolute shitshow of a television series, but now only watch for purely superficial reasons (link contains spoilers for the 4×13 and 4×14 episodes as well as a bunch of gifs that may explode your ovaries). Or by stalking the Walking Posts over at ONTD_StarTrek and being equally as enthralled by the eyebrows as I am horrified by the man’s dress sense.
  • Watching every cute animal clip on youtube ever. I especially like the Surprised Kitty and the Slow Loris clips. (And subsequently wondering if there is any correlation between estrogen and liking adorable animals.)
  • Watching the video for Julian Casablancas’ 11th Dimension and realising, yes, I’d still tap that.
  • Being blown away by Miranda July’s  Reading List on Viceland.com.
  • But mostly I’ve been fiddling about with the settings and things on this blog. As well as checking Facebook way to often.

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    Lady Fucking Gaga


    I love Lady Gaga. That’ll come as no surprise to anyone that knows me. However, if you had met me about 5-6 years ago you’d probably be blown away. See, I used to be pretty anti pop music. God knows why, but I suspect it had something to do with me being a pretentious indie kid.

    Luckily I’ve since seen the error of my ways and accepted pop music as the brilliant thing it is. But being a former music snob makes me realise that pop has, in a way, lost its magic. After all, it’s not for no reason that tons of songs have been written bemoaning the current state of it.

    This is where Our Lady of Pop comes in. Because, at least in my eyes (or ears as it might be) she’s managed to refresh the idea of what pop music is. And in the process she’s managed to churn out some proper choons.

    But the thing that gets me most about Lady Gaga is how she’s wielded her image like a sword. Creating this amazing persona that’s not only in fashion, but that’s also a representation of female empowerment. Her public persona is that of a highly sexualised woman, instead of simply a sex symbol; an object to be treasured and lusted after. I think this is what impresses me the most about her. How she, in the way she dresses and appears, is nothing if not sexy, but still in a way that strikes me as being entirely for her (even if it does, of course, attract media attention).

    Because, like it or not, she’s a woman who dares to leave the house without trousers on. And through her daring and sexually charged sartorial choices she’s managed to garner an attention that is not completely based on her as a sexual object.

    This, exactly this, is what I love most about fashion; that the way we dress can give us back the control over how our bodies are viewed. I feel that fashion, especially in the past couple of years, have fallen much more into the hands of the wearer. Probably a lot thanks to the fashion blogger revolution. But the point I’m trying to get at is that we are no longer, and haven’t been for a while, dressing for the opposite sex. We’re dressing because it’s fun, and if we are dressing for anyone, it’s for our female peers. And Lady Gaga is a part of this.

    Lady Gaga gets away with wearing leotards and crazy hats. Not just because she’s Lady fucking Gaga, but also because our views have shifted. Things like not wearing trousers, or baring your midriff, or even wearing crazy lacy unitards are no longer necessarily a sign that you’re selling out to the slobbering masses. It’s a fashion fucking statement.

    Marple, raising her glass to Lady Gaga.


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