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5 Reasons to Love Portia de Rossi

1) She played Lindsay Bluth in Arrested Development

Her chicken dance is my favorite.

2) Her apology for marrying Ellen DeGeneres

Brilliant. That poor dog.

3) She was in a little movie called Scream 2


4) She is clearly in charge.

Nell Porter on Ally Mcbeal was way more interesting than most of the women on that show, especially Ally.
And Veronica Palmer from Better Off Ted will kick your ass if she needs to, or if she has nothing better to do.

5)She’s fuckin Austrailian

Like you need another reason.

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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

Welcome to Sunday, day of rest, greasy food and couch overdosing.
Because no Sunday is complete without at least some lazy internet time we’ve decided to each compile a list of what we’ve been up to, internet wise, this week.

This is Mars‘ picks of the week:

  • Mocking stereotypes via illustrations at Your Scene Sucks . My fave is the Myspace whore.
  • Rolling my eyes at girls like this one for giving the rest of us a bad name
  • Watching this clip of cats getting wastey face on mute with this song playing in the backround
  • And frantic Bejewled Blitzing, via Facebook and iPhone.

    And as for Marple, here’s what she’s been up to:

  • Obsessively collecting Lady Gaga gifs. Like this one:
  • Obsessing a little bit too much over Zachary Quinto. Either by catching up on Heroes, which I dismissed somewhere around season 2 as an absolute shitshow of a television series, but now only watch for purely superficial reasons (link contains spoilers for the 4×13 and 4×14 episodes as well as a bunch of gifs that may explode your ovaries). Or by stalking the Walking Posts over at ONTD_StarTrek and being equally as enthralled by the eyebrows as I am horrified by the man’s dress sense.
  • Watching every cute animal clip on youtube ever. I especially like the Surprised Kitty and the Slow Loris clips. (And subsequently wondering if there is any correlation between estrogen and liking adorable animals.)
  • Watching the video for Julian Casablancas’ 11th Dimension and realising, yes, I’d still tap that.
  • Being blown away by Miranda July’s  Reading List on Viceland.com.
  • But mostly I’ve been fiddling about with the settings and things on this blog. As well as checking Facebook way to often.

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    A Tribute to Zachary Quinto’s Eyebrows

    I think that I shall never see
    Eyebrows lovelier than those on Zachary.

    Who can win any debate with just one brow raise,
    Changing his opponents arguments into praise.

    Though many men have brows that are almost as fine,
    Like Mr. Kapranos, Mr.Colbert and even Mr.Pine

    No matter how bushy or furrowed, none can compete
    With the eyebrows that put our Zach in the elite.

    Whether he is plain Quinto, Spock or the evil Sylar,
    He is always the man with the eyebrows that take the cigar.

    I Love You, Z.

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