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Drinking Game: Gossip Girl Edition

We decided to combine our love for wine (which is endless) with our love for Gossip Girl (which is Chucktastic) and turn the wine + GG experience into a drinking game for one of the rare occasions when rules and alcohol do mix.

  • Drink when Blair leaves the room in a huff.
  • Drink when Dan thinks he’s better than everyone else.
  • Drink when Little J is being whiney and ungrateful.
  • Drink when Nate changes his facial expression.
  • Drink when anybody is behaving inappropriately.
  • Drink when Serena’s skirt is too short/top is too low (drink twice if she is at a family event).
  • Drink when Rufus is wearing a plaid/denim shirt.
  • Drink when Eric’s homosexuality is randomly brought up/used as a plot device.
  • Drink when Dan name drops.
  • Drink twice when Serena surprises you with how modest her outfit is.
  • Drink when Serena wears a catsuit.
  • Drink when you’re not quite sure how Little J gets away with the alterations she’s made to her school uniform.
  • Drink when Blair cries.
  • Drink when Lily mentions her misspent youth.
  • Drink when Chuck is hot

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