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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

More birthdays, more cake! One may or may not have been shaped as a penis and decorated with three different colors of frosting. It might have been baked by Mars, but that cannot be confirmed or denied.

It was doppelgänger week on Facebook, which involves changing your profile picture to one of a celebrity that you’ve been told (or just vainly believe) that you resemble. Here are ours:

Marple                           Mars

Mars has been kept busy by:

  • This adorable office kitteh makes me want to move back to Japan
  • I didn’t mean to stick to the Russian pop scene, but Nadeea showed up at the Grammys and let me know that she existed and I’m glad she did. Otherwise I would never have known that she is “already an icon”, as her website states. Also, I felt that the music world had been neglecting polar bears, but thankfully, Nadeea knows that they “want to suck on icy potions” and “never get eviction notices”.
  • The games on the [adult swim] website are super distracting, and also, awesome.
  • A Penny Arcade comic involving unicorns has been squee-ed over all week, it might get laminated.
  • Side note: this is the most incredible and delicious discovery EVER

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Mid-Week Pun

From Penny Arcade’s Best Punchlines of 2009

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