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Nice wig, Janice! What’s it made of?

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Girls on Film: Bill Hader Remix

Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” with new lyrics à la Bill Hader.

http://community.livejournal.com/hader_aid/5692.html?thread=68668#t68668" target="_blank">ecctv

See him walking across the stage Saturdays around midnight

People clapping, and they’re laughing so loud

When he’s in a sketch he does his best and always leaves us wanting more (wanting more)

And at the end of every show we beg and scream for him to follow us hooooooome

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

All the characters you play really do it for me

Your impersonations always drive me wild

Whether it’s a talk show host, Keith Morrison or Vinny V (Vinny V),

Or half of the same sex couple that hail from New Jerseeeey!

Bill Ha-der! (You know that I need ya) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I just wanna squeeze ya) Bill Ha-der!

I watch every movie that you’re in just to see you

No matter how big or small the role

Just to hear your name makes my cheeks flush red and my common sense goes out the door (out the door)

In a daze I freeze the frame and sit and watch you all night looooooong

Bill Ha-der! (I love Greg the Alien) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Watch Star Wars together) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (You make South Park better) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Call me when you see this) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I swear I’m not dangerous) Bill Ha-der!

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