Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

More birthdays, more cake! One may or may not have been shaped as a penis and decorated with three different colors of frosting. It might have been baked by Mars, but that cannot be confirmed or denied.

It was doppelgänger week on Facebook, which involves changing your profile picture to one of a celebrity that you’ve been told (or just vainly believe) that you resemble. Here are ours:

Marple                           Mars

Mars has been kept busy by:

  • This adorable office kitteh makes me want to move back to Japan
  • I didn’t mean to stick to the Russian pop scene, but Nadeea showed up at the Grammys and let me know that she existed and I’m glad she did. Otherwise I would never have known that she is “already an icon”, as her website states. Also, I felt that the music world had been neglecting polar bears, but thankfully, Nadeea knows that they “want to suck on icy potions” and “never get eviction notices”.
  • The games on the [adult swim] website are super distracting, and also, awesome.
  • A Penny Arcade comic involving unicorns has been squee-ed over all week, it might get laminated.
  • Side note: this is the most incredible and delicious discovery EVER

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My role models would take out restraining orders on me if they weren’t fictional

I love TV. I love a lot of things, but TV is pretty high up on my love list. So it’s no surprise that I have been so influenced by certain characters. Do I take it too far? Perhaps. But everybody needs role models, and mine may be fictional but at least they don’t include Paris Hilton.

Oh Clarissa! I can’t decide if I drew more inspiration from your outfits, your attitude or your scrunchies. Well ok, if I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I was a huge scrunchie wearer. I had a million. I particularly miss the rainbow colored one…*sigh*.

No one was more upset than I was when they cancelled this show. I mean. The cliffhanger? What the hell. How could you? I…I am going to interrupt myself here because trust me, I can go on all damn day. I think I love Veronica so much because I could relate to her so much. Not the girl detective part (I’m a horrible detective), but the outcast without actually being an outcast because you do have friends but you hate those stupid cheerleaders anyway with their flippy hair. Yes, I know, boo hoo. Thankfully, high school ends and life goes on. But I wish that I could have had V Mars’ devil-may-care attitude and been much less sulky.

Although Liz is a bit older than I am right now, I still really really really want to be her. Not wear her skin as a suit be her (not yet, at least) but get to the place where she is. A place where you do what you love (it’s merely coincidental that I want her job) and yes, you are stressed to the point of scalp pain but you aren’t stuck in a dead-end job with equally high stress levels. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe, but not too much to demand.

On a final note, if I were animated, I would want to be Dr.Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. She really is in charge.

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Girls on Film: Bill Hader Remix

Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” with new lyrics à la Bill Hader." target="_blank">ecctv

See him walking across the stage Saturdays around midnight

People clapping, and they’re laughing so loud

When he’s in a sketch he does his best and always leaves us wanting more (wanting more)

And at the end of every show we beg and scream for him to follow us hooooooome

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! Bill Ha-der!

All the characters you play really do it for me

Your impersonations always drive me wild

Whether it’s a talk show host, Keith Morrison or Vinny V (Vinny V),

Or half of the same sex couple that hail from New Jerseeeey!

Bill Ha-der! (You know that I need ya) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I just wanna squeeze ya) Bill Ha-der!

I watch every movie that you’re in just to see you

No matter how big or small the role

Just to hear your name makes my cheeks flush red and my common sense goes out the door (out the door)

In a daze I freeze the frame and sit and watch you all night looooooong

Bill Ha-der! (I love Greg the Alien) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Watch Star Wars together) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (You make South Park better) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (Call me when you see this) Bill Ha-der!

Bill Ha-der! (I swear I’m not dangerous) Bill Ha-der!

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Take my picture Hollywood. I wanna be a STAR!

So, I watched the Grammys last night, as you can probably tell from all the spamming I did in our Twitterfeed, and I was struck by two things.

One, I am apparently shockingly out of touch with pop culture (which, y’know, is a bit of a disadvantage when you blog about it, but I think I’m going choose to think of it as being selective). I don’t have MTV and I don’t listen to the radio. EVER. I mean, I was aware of a lot of people there, but only in an abstract manner. Like for instance, I know that The Jonas Brothers are popular with tweens and that they have promise rings, but I couldn’t pick them out of a line up or tell you what songs they’ve made. I’m perfectly fine with not knowing this, but still. What I’m really confused about is who the hell this Kesha person is, and why does she look drunk all the time?

I probably don’t want to know that either, to be honest. But I think this is a perfectly good example of how modern media in general and the internet in particular allows us to pick and choose more freely what television and music we want to consume. Mars wrote something similar earlier on the subject of news, but I think the same can be applied to television and music as well.

Although I must admit, the whole reason for this entry was Lady Gaga’s performance. Seriously you guys. Holy shit. I have so much to say about this, but I don’t think I have the words, so just watch it.

Okay, so maybe I have one word. EPIC.

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Tyra, No.

No. No. No. 


Tights ≠ Pants

Trenchcoat ≠ Bodysuit

This = Too much for Monday morning

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Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

This week has been mad busy, with reorganizing, working and so many birthdays. Which of course means, we’ve been stuffing ourselves with CAKE.

This is what Mars has been up to, apart from eating cake:

  • I got this sms from Marple in the beginning of the week, so it’s safe to say that we have both taken our Zachary Quinto obsession to an exciting new level. A level involving Tori Spelling.

  • Damn you, Pop Cap Games! You have ensnared me yet again, this time with the game Plants vs. Zombies
  • Oh Russia. You have such amazing pop stars.

Marple has realised two things this week. The first is that she only likes cake in theory and the second is that the internet is full of amazing and brilliant things. Okay, so she probably knew at least one of these things before now, but here’s a few reasons why the latter is true:

  • Tumblr! I’ve only been tumblr-lurking up until now, but I went and got myself an account. Find me here.
  • Yes, omg! A collection of semi-trashy gothic book covers! On a suitingly black/red layout that’s like a classier, grown up version of goth poetry webpages on Geocities and Angelfire from the late nineties-early noughties.
  • Combining the awesomeness of William Shatner & Tumbler: Fuck Yeah! William Shatner!
  • In the style of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, here’s Gone with the Wind with Vampires:
  • Last but not least, Top 100 Cheesiest Film Quotes. To the surprise of no one half of them are spoken by Nicholas Cage and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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5 Reasons to Love Portia de Rossi

1) She played Lindsay Bluth in Arrested Development

Her chicken dance is my favorite.

2) Her apology for marrying Ellen DeGeneres

Brilliant. That poor dog.

3) She was in a little movie called Scream 2


4) She is clearly in charge.

Nell Porter on Ally Mcbeal was way more interesting than most of the women on that show, especially Ally.
And Veronica Palmer from Better Off Ted will kick your ass if she needs to, or if she has nothing better to do.

5)She’s fuckin Austrailian

Like you need another reason.

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Weekend Wackaloo: Beverage Edition.

Photograph by Weegee.

Are you uninspired by your usual selection of beverages? Do not fear, gentle reader, we are here to help. Drunken philantropy, that’s what we do.

The Reliable Choice:

Box of Red Wine

This is one of our personal favorites. You can’t really go wrong with it, because it’s a beverage in a box. BiaB. Say it. Say it now, and then say it after you drink the box. HOURS OF FUN. Marple is less discriminate and would like to add that white wine works as well and even gets bonus points for the alliteration possibilities.

The Other Reliable Choice:


Beer is also fun, although the cleaning can be more annoying than with the BiaB. No matter how you go about it you’ll still have tons bottles and cans to clean up, and then there’s the fancy beer drinkers who simply MUST have a glass. You could just get a keg, but those are heavy. The upside of beer is that you don’t have to mix it with anything, nor should you. And there are just so many choices, but that could either be fun or just stressfull. So in conclusion, beer is good but you might have more to clear up later.

The Adventureous Choice:

Gin & Tonic

This may seem like another relaible one, and in a way it is. But Mars drank it when she was out safarii-ing in Africa, which counts as an adventure. What also counts as an adventure is dealing with the both of us after we’ve had a few.

The Trekkie Choice:

Something Old or Something Blue

Well, while there is a handful of cocktails made with Star Trek as inspiration, I think I’d like to go with Sandra Lee on this one and keep it simple, keep it sweet and keep it semi home made. Which is basically putting Hypnotiq in a glass with ice and blueberries. Now, I can’t vouch for the taste personally, but it’s blue. And you know what? So’s frakking Romulan Ale and that shit’s so awesome it’s illegal. An alternative could be scotch. Because you know who loves scotch?

Damn right you do!

The Black & White Movie Choice:

I don’t want to make trouble. All I want is a drink.

If there’s something Marple loves as much as she loves Trek and sci-fi, it’s black and white Hollywood films. And what goes better with Bette Davies in Jezebel than a Mint Julep? Nothing gets you ready for your close up like a whiskey based drink. Or just straight up whiskey!

Although Margo Channing would probably suggest a Dry Martini (very dry), and you don’t mess with Margo Channing.

The Dude’s Choice:

White Russian

Be sure to wear your bathrobe when you drink this, and don’t forget to say fuck a lot. Also, pretend to be in a bowling alley as much as possible. If you are actually in a bowling alley, be careful not to blow your own mind.

The Fancy Choice:

Champagne, Champagne, Champagne.

So fun, so refreshing, so very good yet so deceptivly evil the morning after. And it makes Marple Disney Princess drunk, which basically means she will most likely end up singing to small furry animals.

We would like to add, as a final caveat, that no matter what you drink, do it responsibly. There’s nothing classy or awesome about passing out in your own vomit and we’d like to think that if you’re here reading our blog you’re way too smart to even think about drinking and driving.

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I’ve been really late on this whole Twitter thing. It’s a wonder that it still exists, I was expecting it to die out as soon as I realized what it was and how to use it. Thankfully, it hasn’t and I still have time to not only get into it, but blog about it too.

My first exposure to Twitter was a Penny Arcade comic:

Needless to say, I wasn’t really motivated to delve further into the Twitterverse. Then it got biiiiiiig, but I was still reluctant. Because, well, I am a very lazy lady. But when Marple and I started this thing, we decided to get an account. Jezebel regularly do a sort of Best of Twitter post, which I have always enjoyed, but with an account of my own, I decided to make the most of it. And so I dove into the Twitterpool. And I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

I have already mentioned that one of the things that Twitter has contributed to my life is updating me on what’s going on in the world, some tweets are just straight up newspaper headlines. There has been so much tweeting recently about Haiti, and how to donate and what you can do to help. It might seem shallow at a glance, but I’m sure that it’s done some good (there’s probably a way to check that, but again, I am a lazy lady, and I think you get the point). Yesterday, the iPad was released and the twittering about that was just crazy. Almost everybody was either praising it, wanting it or calling it a female hygiene product. I think the childish puns are my favorite part.

We all know that it’s a great way for celebrities to connect with their fans, and blah blah blah. There are two types of celebrity twitterers that I love:

1. The funny, observational and at times mean twitterer:

2. The batshit crazy twitterer

    Oh, they amuse me. I don’t find anything malicious in mocking them because they put this out there themselves, it’s not a candid cameltoe paparazzi picture, this is voluntary. I must say, I am a bit disappointed by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. I find them so deliciously awful (although I totally respect their upfront famewhoring attitude), and their tweets are so very blah. Shame. They are just going to have to work harder if they want me to follow them.

    All in all, I just wanted to let the world know that I am cool with Twitter. So tweet away, my pretties, I’ll see you in the news feed.

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Roxanne: Logan Echolls Remix

Alternate and obviously, way more important, lyrics to the song “Roxanne” by The Police.

Logan, you don’t have to get in another fight.

Those days are over,

You are no longer Veronica’s knight.

Logan, I know you can’t change overnight,

Your passion and temper take over,

Trying to change her with all your might!

Logan, you don’t have to get in another fight.

Logan, you don’t have to get in another fight.

Get in another fight, get in another fight,

Get in another fight, get in another fight,

Get in another fight, oh.

She loved you even though you’re an 09-er,

She knows she can’t change either,

You have to find some compromise,

You can’t leave her in the arms of Piz,

I know she seems to have made her mind up,

But just tell her to shut up,

Told her once of your epic love, now you tell her again because it’s almost too late.

Logan, you don’t have to get in another fight.

Logan, you don’t have to get in another fight.

You don’t have to get in another fight,

Get in another fight, get in another fight,

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