About the blog
The Do You Even Go Here blog is about a couple of things. Things we love, things that baffle us and things that just make us plain mad. There are two of us writing this thing. We’re both sassy ladies with a love for feminism and popculture. You can call us Marple and Mars.

About Marple
She will probably talk your ears off about one off the many television shows she follows. Especially after a couple of glasses of wine. She also has a knack for writing truly terrible poetry, knowing who did it in murder mysteries and remembering completely useless trivia and song lyrics.

About Mars
She’s the sassiest of the two and she has a literary love that rivals Marple’s love of television. She’s a true believer in that tights are not pants and that cat suits are sent from the devil (or American Apparel, whichever really) to sear the retinas of people with good taste everywhere.

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