Hungover Sunday: Our Week of Internets

We were supposed to put this up yesterday, but we were too busy eating pancakes, cake and bacon. Instead you get this today, to sneakily read on your coffee breaks at work.
This week, Mars has been devoting her time to:
  • Getting the hang of Twitter. My main disovery is how much fun it is to read Tyra’s tweets. There are no words to describe this woman. She amuses me so much, except when she acts like she’s the new Oprah. Then she just frightens me.
  • Continuing my fight against tights as pants. *ahem*, THEY ARE NOT PANTS. My friend linked this to me on facebook, and I have spent the week in a state of flabbergastation (it’s a word now, deal with it). Do people think that pants are shoes as well as pants? THEY ARE NEITHER, THEY ARE JUST TIGHTS
  • Saturday was devoted to the couch & Batman, which prompted us to watch Micheal Cain abuse tangerines a few times, as well as forming the Deep Raspy Voice Alliance, whose members include:

Batman, Gob Bluth, Jack Donaghy, Dr. Girlfriend

And this is what Marple has been up to:

  • I don’t even know how or why someone thought to combine these elements. But I love it. It’s like someone went inside my brain and made a youtube video of it.
  • Another one! But with Bring it On! instead.
  • Being absolutely baffled and bewildered by JLH’s confession that she bedazzles her vagina. It’s just. Oh, god. I don’t even know. Is she doing this on purpose to make my brain bleed? What is this I don’t even.
  • That last thing has had me staring at walls in confusion, trying to grasp at understanding, but inevitably failing. So I haven’t really been doing anything memorable on the internet this week. And if I did, it’s been overshadowed by JLH’s bedazzled lady bits.

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